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TMCnet Expands TMC's Coverage of CTI, Internet Telephony, And Call Center Solutions

TMC's History In The Industry
TMC™ entered the telecommunications market by launching Telemarketing? magazine in 1982. Later renamed C@LL CENTER Solutions™, the publication exclusively serves the needs of the call center market. From this start in telecommunications, our publishing company had the foresight to delve into the CTI and Internet telephony markets.

TMC™ launched CTI? magazine almost three years ago as the first print publication to devote the majority of its editorial to the ensuing convergence of the datacom and telecom realms. CTI (computer telephony integration) is a superset of the datacom/telecom convergence market, and it also represents any product that combines the power of computers and telecommunications. Obviously, this is a big area that encompasses unified messaging, speech enabled IVR, call center technologies, and productivity-boosting call control applications that drastically reduce phone tag, to name a handful.

The fastest growing subset of CTI is Internet telephony, the convergence of voice, video, and fax over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Internet telephony has grown so quickly we developed a separate magazine by the same name devoted to publishing in-depth and objective information geared towards service providers, resellers, developers, and enterprise users of this exciting new technology.

TMCnet Expands Our Coverage
Pioneering new markets is nothing new to TMC™. Just as we pioneered the call center market many years before the phrase "call center" was in vogue, we are pioneers in the field of voice/data convergence.

The markets served by our various print publications are the markets covered on the TMCnet™ Web site. CTI, call center technology, and Internet telephony will all be given appropriate amounts of ink (or should I say HTML code?).

You can look forward to news that is updated throughout the day, and unique online content the complements, but is not duplicated, in our print publications. We have done everything possible to make TMCnet™ your home page -- We hope you do make it your home page right now. TMCnet™ will provide timely information that is on target and like everything else we do, conforming to the high quality standards TMC™ holds dear.

One last point of information: The title of this column (which will appear biweekly), "One Less Wire," should produce immediate images of converged networks. If it does, you're in the right place to learn more. If it doesn't, then you really need to make TMCnet your home page immediately. Either way, convergence is the topic of choice in this column and there is so much to talk about. Expect regular updates on the convergence issues and technologies that are most important to you.

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